The Finance Department is the central purchasing agency for the District. The Mayer Unified School District strives for compliance with all federal and state procurement guidelines and regulations. The primary goal is to provide guidance so our schools and staff can get what they need for classroom instruction, within the constraints of the law. This includes providing service to both our internal customers (end-users) and external users (vendors and community).

The Mayer Unified School District is a member of the following purchasing consortiums:

 The following list provides procurement resources for school districts:

  • Arizona Administrative Codes
    K-12 codes for procurement on the Secretary of State’s website
  • Arizona Revised Statutes
    Title 15 – Education is on the Arizona State Legislature’s website
  • Uniform System of Financial Records
    The USFR is the accounting and financial reporting manual for Arizona school districts located on the Arizona Office of the Auditor General’s Office website
  • Federal Debarment and Suspension Search
    The Excluded Parties List System is a web-based system that identifies parties who are excluded from receiving federal funds. Federal procurement laws require all programs funded with federal dollars to verify that potential vendors or individuals are not listed on this system
  • Internal Revenue Service
    Vendors are required to submit W-9 forms to the school district certifying their employer identification numbers and whether or not they are subject to backup withholding.
  • Arizona Department of Revenue
    Arizona school districts are required to collect and remit transaction privilege taxes for eligible purchases from vendors who do not have an Arizona Transaction Privilege Tax License

Vendor Registration

Vendors requesting to do business with the Mayer Unified School District may submit a vendor registration form and a W-9 to be added to the district’s vendor bid list.

Forms may be emailed, faxed, or mailed to:


Fax Number:

Mailing Address:
Mayer Unified School District #43
Attn.: Lynn Drye
P.O. 1059
Mayer, AZ 86333

Open Bids, Request for Proposals

Vendors are encouraged to submit written quotes, bids, and/or proposals for products and services listed in this section.