Staff Update 03-30-2020

Staff Update 03-30-2020
Posted on 03/31/2020

Good Afternoon Mayer Unified School District Staff,

There have been numerous questions regarding the extension of school closures until the end of the year and the Governor’s stay-at-home order. Under the Governor’s executive order, school districts are considered essential businesses under Covid-19. We are required currently to provide educational resources to all our students in this crisis. Also, state legislation H.B. 2910 requires of school districts for all employees to be given the opportunity to earn their wages throughout the school closures.

To the extent possible, employee’s duties which can be conducted at home will be facilitated. Employees who do work within the district must maintain social distancing and health safety guidelines. Please continue to coordinate with your principal or director on your work or leave schedule.

The Superintendent will work with any employee individually to ensure all your questions and concerns will be addressed. If circumstances change within the community and the state, updates will be provided immediately.

Thank you again for your patience and dedication during this time.


Dean Slaga